Understand the "why" behind your user actions

The new paradigm for research and data collection

Ask differently

Say goodbye to old, boring surveys

Get to know our user-centered approach to measure behavior using technology

Consulting services

Understand everything about your users and stakeholders. From in-depth analyses of the customer journey to impact evaluations, we provide user-centered technology and advanced research methods to get insights and enable you to make strategic decisions.

Revolutionize your employees' experience

Learn how to engage the millennials of your workforce. Perform 360º reviews and company-wide surveys to uncover truths about your employees' drivers. Use data to find the match between your potential employees and your company culture.

Data collection & analysis

Leverage our smartphone-based survey software to learn about your users in real time! Collect thousands of data points on multiple digital channels (web, in-app surveys, social sites) and complement that with our street collection stations that can get you answers —starting at 1.5 seconds per question.

Customer experience that lets you connect with your customers

Get feedback from your customers along the whole lifecycle. Use data-powered tools to understand who your customer is using our multi-dimensional approach to behavior. Take action on the things that create value for your customers!

Join the brands, businesses and organizations that have switched to Sensata

Intercept users on the street and wherever they are

Use the multi-channel approach to get respondents

Measure everything —beyond words

Learn how our platform can give you insights on your users' behavior

Join the revolution | Be part of our team

Are you a rockstar developer? A passionate social scientist? A geek?

Sensata: data collection technology for humans

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