On-site and online data collection services

Survey everywhere with the highest response rates

Fun for the users, insightful for you

The fastest street data collection system

Get up to 10x the responses you get using other means

Because nobody should be left behind

The amazing survey experience for everybody

Lead the pack with top insights

Collect thousands of data points from your users with our SensataStation —one single operator will let you collect up to 700 street surveys in a day.

Add that to what you can collect on the web and you will get a grasp of your user's mind —in real time.

Data that says a lot

Combine your objective data with self-reported information to build your data models and understand your customers.

Impressively fast and affordable data collection system

Get to know our ready-to-go data collection system and get your research done in no time!

Unlock your potential with the Sensata Experience

Collect data everywhere in a way that users will love

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