Understand your users and your stakeholders

Use technology to explore beyond the obvious

UX Research

Gather powerful data using mixed methods

Bring about the change that is going to change your world

Leverage our thinking process to bring about the change that you want

Drive your users behavior using cutting-edge technologies

Make the most out of technology

Integrate user-centered questionnaires everywhere

Impact evaluation can be tricky. That's why we use the most sophisticated concepts from the social sciences to understand what's driving your user behavior. See for yourself how we can help you achieve more impact.

Sensata Experience

Sensata evaluates projects using a streamlined process that includes:

  • Customer journey analysis

  • Re-recreation of theory of change

  • Methodology design

  • Baseline, intermediate and final data collection

  • Monitoring

  • Data analysis along the full lifecycle

Beyond data analysis

Sensata understands that in order to create impact, multiple approaches have to be taken into account.

Profiling starts here

Sensata provides all the mechanisms to segment your users from the beginning. Get to know us!

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Get to know the data-based evaluation framework

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